A greeting from the CEO

We, Pacific Trading Company, have dedicated ourselves for the development of aquaculture since the establishment in 1990.
Fish meat is well known to be a quality protein resource. Therefore, aquaculture is gaining more attention from all over the world since the amount of wild caught fish is unstable.
In our country, Closed Recirculating Aquaculture System and Smart Aquaculture are getting more popular. And the technology used for those methods is advancing day by day.
We settled a mid-term management plan in 2022. And under the management vision: “Create a Sustainable Future”, we promise to fulfil every individual’s wishes and be a linking bridge of the world, respect cultural diversity and build a relationship and grow together.

The unpredictable social conditions are making our lives more challenging and that reminds us the importance of cooperation. We will keep our management vision in mind, and deliver fine products and its technologies not only to Japan but to the world and prosper “with” the customers with honesty. 

“Yoji Ando”